Villa Necchi

Brand Identity.

Politecnico di Milano
Laboratorio di Progetto della Comunicazione Visiva


Alessia Arosio, Camilla Baldi, Lorenzo Bernini, Emanuele Coppo, Filippo Testa.


Creating the visual identity of a “Bene FAI”: a place of cultural, artistic and architectural interest curated by the FAI (Italy’s National Trust).


Villa Necchi Campiglio is a 1930s modern villa-museum in the centre of Milan. Our re-branding work started from the logotype, inspired by the strong and geometric shapes of the architecture, designed by Piero Portaluppi. Then we created the whole visual identity, which consists of a website, a promotional campaign on social networks, merchandising, business cards and stationery, brand manuals and a tourist guide. The pastel colours are inspired by 1930s fashion.

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